Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We had a great time on vacation, played in the water alot! We went to Lava Hot Springs in Idaho and we didn't even try out the hot springs (too hot!). We did try out the river though- you rent tubes and float down the river which is not all smooth sailing. There are rapids (OK, not like the Colorado River, but rapids none the less) and it was so much fun- kinda like a mini roller coaster ride. We rode the tubes down, then hiked back up several times, did I mention this all flows thru town? Did I also mention that with our big five man tube we managed to run over several people on single tubes? I think they were glad to see us get off the river! Too much fun for a bunch of water lovers like us! Future Deeter Family Reunion spot?

They also have an Olympic size pool with four water slides, two are speed slides which Chance was all set to go on but I wouldn't let him. I'm a chicken so I guess I think my kids should be too! The idea of an 8 year old on that slide frightened me- Shane didn't go- he would've let him!

Remember the pictures I mentioned before? I took my camera, but forgot to take pictures! LOL!! In my defense, most of the time I couldn't have had it with me.

Anyway-fun times! Wish all of my family could have gone!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wow- time really does go by fast doesn't it! We are in the middle of summer break and enjoying it as much as we can. I have been busy with clients in town which is good- I can always use more of that! Shane and Stettson just got back from a week at Scout camp, they had a great time. We had Wyatt stay with us for a few days and really enjoyed having him here. The kids are wondering which of the cousins are coming to stay next!

We are going to Idaho this weekend and are all very excited to get away, hopefully the fishing is good! We went to Medicine Lake last night for Family Home Evening, it was fun, but Shane was the only one that caught anything. I don't know why Chance didn't catch a fish, he kept calling them and casting wherever he saw one jump. Good times!!

Maybe I'll get some pictures posted of our vacation- don't hold your breath for that, but I'll try!